What is it?
A device used to prepare and analyse gasses. These gasses are captured during human metabolic research.


What does it do?
The device measures CO2, O2 and/or H2O levels in a gas captured during metabolic research. To ensure an accurate reading, the gas must be as dry as possible. Excess moisture is removed in a three-phase dry preparation procedure. The dry gas is then fed to an installation with extremely precise analysers.


Why is it useful?
There exists a high demand for information on human metabolism in various fields. Metabolic information provides insights into various phenomena such as obesity and the impact of diet on a (healthy) lifestyle. Sports disciplines are seeking additional insights into the conditions necessary for optimal physical performance. Athletes and coaches alike are constantly searching for the right dietary balance to attain such optimal performance. This device makes such research possible.


What are the benefits?
When this project was first launched, several devices were available on the market with potential for this type of application. However, these devices lacked the necessary precision and flexibility. This is why we decided to develop our own device that would guarantee quality measurements regardless of environmental circumstances.


Additional details?
Our design background led us to the construction of a modular system that allows for relatively easy device alterations. This system makes it easier to take multiple measurements or introduce an additional analysis unit to meet specific research requirements. The final result is a sort of hybrid solution: a flexible research instrument that can also be used as an independent tool. In terms of valorisation, this device will undoubtedly have excellent future prospects.


What do we think?
In collaboration with our client, we incorporated several high-end techniques to create a product that can make accurate and reproducible measurements. According to project leader Peter Gerits, collaborating on such a technically superior solution is extremely satisfying.


Human Biology


Human Biology, NUTRIM research school


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