New technology development

No product? No problem!

Looking for technological solutions to your research or treatment problem? If no standard solutions are found during your initial meeting with us, we will help you develop entirely new ones. Together, we will explore the needs and requirements that accompany the new development. This is the first step of the feasibility phase. As part of the R&D phase, IDEE will then translate your query into a technically feasible and user-friendly concept. When implementing projects, IDEE can draw on the vast knowledge and/or expertise of its partners if necessary.

Making innovation possible

IDEE continuously strives to provide innovative technological support for ground-breaking research by keeping the vision of the researcher/physician in mind. Drawing on technological innovations, IDEE will collaborate with you on the existing requirements and help you acquire the necessary funds. One requirement for implementing new developments is that these innovative technologies result in scientific publications and/or dissertations for the FHML. We would be happy to establish relevant grant programmes for developments that fall outside this area yet still prove valuable to people or society.

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